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Experience & expertise

As one of the South Africa’s most long-standing independent IT recruitment consultancies, we have dedicated the last 25 years exclusively to perfecting the art of IT talent search and engagement. Throughout this period, we have honed our skills and refined our processes, ensuring we deliver tangible results consistently.

Our goal is to provide a responsive and impartial IT recruitment service that meets the requirements of both IT professionals and our corporate clients comprehensively.

With a constant awareness of our ethical and social duties to all stakeholders, we strive to be a trusted recruitment partner, swiftly delivering outcomes across all IT departmental roles and technological areas.

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Client & candidate engagement

Our approach to engaging with both hiring clients and IT candidates is characterised by respect, thoroughness, and impartiality.

For candidates, we ensure that we provide comprehensive and detailed information about IT vacancies, allowing each individual to make an informed decision regarding their application.

Consequently, all candidate applications forwarded to you are from genuine individuals with an interest in joining your organisation. This philosophy of engagement also applies to our hiring clients: we are committed to presenting candidates truthfully, with all necessary information, thereby empowering our clients to make well-informed decisions when shortlisting for interviews.

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